Langhammer palletizer – The german manufacturer of palletizing and depalletizing Systems

As an expert of palletizing and depalletizing systems Langhammer offers various units for many industries.

Langhammer focuses on modular construction. The units consist of standard components.
The main advantage is that the palletizers can be adapted to individual customer needs.
The systems are flexible and adjustable to any production environment.

The layer palletizer PA8:

The layer palletizer PA 8 is perfect for the palletizing of cartons, containers, packages and
nearly any products in the consumer goods sector. The PA 8 guaranties a precise and fast workflow.

The PA8 can be used for different sizes. Its also possible to
change the product size without any tools and only in a few minutes.
The palletizers are used in the tissue and paper converting industries, in cosmetics, chemical and food industry.

Langhammer to one of the leading manufacturers of palletizing solutions
Langhammer leyer palletizers are characterized by their extreme high performance and high availability.

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