Packaging systems, palletising and depalletising equipment

As an expert of palletising systems and automation solutions Langhammer offers one of the
most flexible systems on the world market.
Langhammer is a leading manufacturer of palletising, depalletising and packaging systems.
Due to the focus of the modular construction the Langhammer palletisers and depalletisers can be adjusted to the individual customer needs. Tailor made automation solutions in various branches are the result of these efforts.

Langhammers palletiser and depalletiser equipment is used in many industries.

The many years of experience in supply packaging systems, palletising and depalletising solutions guaranties the customers a reliably partner.

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System solutions

Palettierung  |  Palettierer  |  Palettieren  |  Palettiersysteme  |  Palettieranlage  |  Palettierroboter  |  Senkrechtförderer  |  Depalettieren
Portalroboter  |  Palletizer  |  PalletizingPalletiser/Depalletiser  |  Palletising/Depalletising